aswekeepsearching has been turning heads and perking up ears over the world for a while now, spreading a message of positivity and good times in a way only they can, while keeping their feet planted firmly on the ground. Hailing from sunny Ahmedabad, Gujarat, formed in 2013, the outfit comprises of vocalist/guitarist Uddipan Sarmah, guitarist/keyboardist Shubham Gurung, bassist Bob Alex and drummer Gautam Deb.

2015, the year of the launch of aswekeepsearching’s first full length release titled ‘Khwaab’, was the start of a change in Indian independent music. Intriguing and enamouring all that they touch with their sound, the band has joined ranks amongst the most sought after acts in the country. Their music is an aural painting, cathartic and unbiased, vividly colourful and infinitely kind. From the first bar of the music till the curtain drops, it is apparent that the four members, fuelled by idealism and the drive to build something beautiful, are set out to move mountains.

The quartet brought us ‘Khwaab’, and ‘Khwaab’ brought them ‘Zia’. The newest album, ‘Zia’ was conceived over the following year the band spent touring and promoting  ‘Khwaab’, and it is the culmination of their shared experiences – the wonderful, the bittersweet, the hell and high water has been funnelled into the eleven track album. The album also sees the use of instruments like the Violin, Viola, Cello, Sitar and the Tabla, having collaborated with like-minded artists on some songs, who’ve added their own unique colour to the bands soundscape.

aswekeepsearching have a plethora of memorable highlights, having performed at notable music festivals, some of which include all three editions of the NH7 Weekender 2016, Ctrl Alt Del, Into the Void, Indie March, and many more; sharing the stage with the likes of Steven Wilson, 65daysofstatic, Tides From Nebula, Blackstratblues, Karsh Kale, I am waiting for you last Summer, and many more. The most engaging  experience was the launch tour for ‘Khwaab’. Right after the album came out under the Russian record Label ‘Flowers Blossom In The Space’, the band went on a 5 city tour in Russia performing in venues like the St. Petersburg Opera House and the Red Concert Hall in Moscow, immediately followed by a 6 city tour in India.

The bright colourful heat of India acts as a perfect soundscape for shimmering post-rock swells. Whether it’s the vastly populated cities or the rural greenery, the subcontinent is an awe inspiring place and aswekeepsearching do their damnedest to capture the essence of their home.

-The Monolith, UK


‘Marvelous’, ‘stupendous’, ‘stunning’ and ‘mind-blowing’ are few terms I could use to describe this album and still fall short to express this phenomenon of listening to it. As the name ‘Zia’ suggests, it is the light that guides us through the darkness in our minds and liberates us.

-Metalwani, India


there is a melancholic beauty in the soft post-rock that aswekeepsearching bring forth in Zia – an exotic ride into the wild, beautiful landscapes of Indian indie music.

-itdjents, UK


What sticks out most, though, about Growing Suspicions and As We Keep Searching, is the honesty of the music. Sometimes, well beyond the arrangements and the structural experiments and the songwriting craft and the maturity of the musicians, the honesty becomes the primary characteristic of a piece of music.
Rock Street Journal


One of our favourite new discoveries, As We Keep Searching’s, latest track Aakorxon is an odd but invigorating mix of post rock and probably traditional Indian music of some description. It may well arrest your senses in the same way that Brimful of Asha by Cornershop did the first time you heard it.
Deadly Music, Ireland


Immediately evocative of nothing specific in the Indian scene today, the album is immediately arresting and absorbing in composition. This is an album that is at once vaguely vintage and concisely contemporary.

Cohesive with great dynamics, clarity, and punch. If you like post-rock or other types of instrumental rock, don’t sleep on Khwaab.
Echoes and Dust, UK